Welcome to Korean Society Cancer Prevention


Dear members of the Korean Society of Cancer Prevention,

Greetings from the president of 2017 Korean Society of Cancer Prevention (KSCP). The KSCP started off as a small-scale research group for researchers who were involved in cancer prevention research in various fields, and was launched as an official academic society in 1996. This year marks the twenty first anniversary of the organization. I am very proud that the highly passionate graduate students who attended the research group twenty years ago are now actively involved in cancer prevention research as faculty members at universities in Korea and at a number of research centers across the country.

I am also proud of the work of the KSCP in the sense that cancer prevention research data has been shared among researchers from different fields for a very long period of time. Researchers in such fields as life science, dietetics, pharmacy, medical science and veterinary science came together for the purpose of "cancer prevention" and have been actively involved in academic activities and in serving the public. Such practice that has been carried out for a considerable period of time is rarely found in other academic society, and I am indeed very proud of such tradition.

Building on such foundation of research, this year we plan to be actively involved in various academic activities, while bearing in mind the KSCP's vision to "conquer caner by providing the basis for preventing cancer." It is also our plan to go further than to produce research findings, and to be actively engaged in public relations for the dissemination of knowledge. Taking into account the continual increase in the number of times the Journal of Cancer Prevention (JCP) published by the KSCP has been quoted, we also look forward to seeing the journal being indexed in a well-known global database in the near future.

This year, we plan to hold campaign events for cancer patients and their families around March 21, which has been designated by the World Health Organization as cancer prevention day. We hope to expand the campaign activities by co-hosting an event with the Korean Cancer Association and Korean Cancer Society. We will organize a workshop in May to further develop the research capability of the members of KSCP, and hold the KSCP's traditional "Osaek Symposium" at the Osaek Green Yard Hotel in Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do for two nights and three days in July. Lastly, we plan to invite speakers from both Korea and abroad to participate in one of KSCP's most well-known conferences in December.

I wish you and your family great happiness, and I look forward to your continued participation and support in 2017.

Thank you.

Sung Mi-Kyung
Chairperson of the Korean Society of Cancer Prevention