Welcome to Korean Society Cancer Prevention


Dear members of the Korean Society of Cancer Prevention,

We welcome the 23rd anniversary of the Korean Society of Cancer Prevention, since its founding in 1996. The KSCP, which began as a small research group bonded together by unprecedented interest and passion towards the prevention of cancer, stands strong today as a major organization, on the back of unsparing contribution and support by all of our members.

Engagement of vast human resources and investment of research funds worldwide has brought remarkable advancements in the area of cancer prevention and treatment, along with enhanced cancer survival rates. However, we still have a long road ahead of us in the battle against cancer, which underscores the importance of cancer prevention. In particular, as an increasingly westernized life style and habits steadily raise cancer incidence, efforts to prevent cancer are more important than ever before. We at the KSCP pursue not only academic activities but also implement a wide range of cancer prevention activities targeting the public audience. Above all, we are able to state with confidence that we are unrivaled in terms of the multi-disciplinary cancer prevention research and integrated approach, made possible by the academic diversity of our members and the ideal combination of basic and clinical studies.

On March 16th, the KSCP holds the Cancer Prevention Day Symposium, in celebration of the World Health Organization-designated ‘Cancer Prevention Day’ on March 21st, and from July 4th we will hold our annual 3-day Osaek Symposium to bring members together for the active exchange of research ideas and achievements and to foster the next generation of researchers. Then, from December 13th, we have our annual 2-day academic conference to promote exchange between researchers from home and abroad. We ask for your strong support and participation.

Furthermore, our publication, the Journal of Cancer Prevention (JCP), is increasingly referred to and quoted, which is the fruit of your tremendous contribution. We seek strong, ongoing participation of researchers interested in such diverse cancer prevention activities.

In closing, I wish you and your family great happiness and health, and look forward to your continued support in 2019.

Thank you.

Tae Il Kim
President of the Korean Society of Cancer Prevention